Gaby C.
Shanna is AMAZING and the salon is so cute!! When I first moved to San Francisco from LA, I struggled to find a new colorist that I loved. Now that I found Shanna and Monarch, I'm never going anywhere else!
Sarah L.
Shanna is amazing! She just opened up this salon recently. It's an Aveda salon, so she uses all Aveda products, meaning everything smells amazing and are great for your hair! The location is great--tons of street parking and a coffee shop down the street. She also has the cutest dog that hangs out in the salon who loves sunbathing and head pats! I'm really picky when it comes to my hair, so I'm so glad that I found her when I was looking for a new stylist in the bay area. We did a full balayage, and she did an amazing job. The hair is blended nicely so there's no line of demarcation, and the paint strokes form nice ribbons of highlights throughout the hair. She's also super knowledgeable and able to answer all of your hair questions, and give suggestions on tone, hair care, and styling. I wanted to wait a few days before writing the review so that I could experiment with different hairstyles. You know your hair stylist did an amazing job when it looks good curled, straight, tied in a ponytail, half up, and down! (I once had a balayage done so badly at another salon that I had to either tie it up or curl it to mask the botched job until I could get it fixed, so I appreciate this a lot.) I let her know that I switch between a side and middle part, so she was sure to include both parts in when she was selecting the pieces to highlight. Everything, from the hairline to the ribbons throughout the rest of the hair, was super well done. Thanks Shanna!!
Amber B.
I have been going to Shanna for haircuts at her old salon for about a year now, and always feel fabulous afterwards! I recently trusted her to chop off some 6 inches of hair. I LOVED the cut, she knew exactly what I wanted. She also was kind enough to explain to me a simple way to style it to look like the photos I showed her. I got so many complements after my cut! I highly recommend her :)
Michelle P.
I loved the way how Shanna colored my hair. I had specific color in mind and she made it come true. She is so sweet and patient - and it was such a pleasure finding her... after many failed attempts at finding a stylist I love. She knows what you want and very current. I honestly do not write many Yelp reviews unless I truly find the business to be fantastic or the polar opposite. She deserves 5++ stars.
Suzy Z.
Love this salon! Shanna is so talented and meticulous. I have been getting my hair highlighted for over 10 years and she is by far the best stylist I have ever been to. She really takes her time to make sure your highlights are exactly how you want them.... not chunky or under or over processed. Highly recommend!
Molly S.
Shanna the owner is a hair goddess. I moved to SF from NY and I have never been to a stylist this good. I actually moved back to NY and any time I make a trip back to SF I always work a hair color into my schedule. I'm blonde and she colors my hair to perfection. I don't even show her pictures anymore bc she knows what I like by just describing it to her. She really listens to what you want too and will be super honest. For what it's worth, she's also the coolest person ever so I have fun/ chat in her chair. I promise you'll be soooo happy leaving her salon. I know it's brand new but it will prob blow up soon so go now before it becomes hard to book an appointment!